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The Eccentric Core: The Thought of Seth Benardete, co-edited by Ronna Burger and Patrick Goodin, is available in paperback from St. Augustine’s Press. View contents and cover. [Posted Feb. 13, 2018.]

We are trying to determine whether Benardete taught a course on Homer’s Odyssey in the 1970s at N.Y.U. If you attended such a course, please let us know the semester and year. Write to us at contact[at] [May 5, 2017.]

video (1:03:37) of a lecture given by Benardete in Munich in 1999, entitled “Socrates and Plato: The Dialectics of Eros,” is available on YouTube. [January 30, 2016]

See the Guide to the Work of Seth Benardete at the Contemporary Thinkers website. [January 30, 2016]

Ronna Burger discusses Benardete with Bill Kristol in a video (28:48) on the Contemporary Thinkers website. [January 30, 2016]

The Collection Guide (.pdf) to The Seth Benardete Papers is available online at the New School Archives. The contents of the Papers are accessible via hyperlinks in the Collection Guide. [January 6, 2015]

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