Howard University Conference on “The Thought of Seth Benardete”

Participants presented papers inspired by Benardete’s work, on Plato, Aristotle, the Bible, Virgil, Herodotus, Parmenides and classical scholarship.


Friday, April 15, 2005

Patrick Goodin – “Physis and Philosophy: on Physics I.1”

Drew Keller – “The Quarrel Between Benardete and Classics: What Seth Might Have Taught a Field”

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Marc Witkin – “Nomos Basileus: Benardete’s ‘Second Thoughts’ on Herodotus”

Holly Haynes – “The Truth is Out There in the Aeneid

John Blanchard – “Parmenides’ Truth”

Olivia Delgado de Torres – “Parmenides: The Envelope of Socrates’ Second Sailing”

Michael Davis – “Making Something from Nothing: on Plato’s Hipparchus

Robert Berman – “The Socratic Principle and the Problem of Punishment”

Ronna Burger – “Definitional Law in the Bible”