Epoché Commemorative Issue: Contents

The following is reproduced from the table of contents of the Spring 2003 issue of Epoché 7-2, entitled “Readings in Ancient Greek Philosophy: In Memory of Seth Benardete.”

Epoché is a journal for the History of Philosophy. Committed to a pluralist orientation and dedicated to an exchange of diverse ideas and approaches, the journal especially supports articles that bring a continental or hermeneutic approach. Epoché considers the history and tradition of philosophy to be an essential part of contemporary philosophical discourse. Open to all areas and thematics arising out of the History of Philosophy, it welcomes articles that take up historical, critical, and deconstructive approaches to the great philosophical debates surrounding religion and God, metaphysics, questions of human knowledge and conduct, and of language and aesthetics. Finally, Epoché also welcomes relevant submissions on the philosophy of history and the question of how to read the History of Philosophy.

Spring 2003 Issue, Volume 7-2

Seth Benardete, “The Plan of Odysseus and the Plot of the Philoctetes
Claudia Baracchi, “The Nature of Reason and the Sublimity of First Philosophy Towards a Reconfiguration of Aristotelian Interpretation”
Ronna Burger, “The Analysis of the Soul in Republic IV”
Michael Davis, “Father of the Logos: The Question of the Soul in Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics
Guenter Figal, “Image and Word: On Plato’s Symposium
Drew Hyland, “It’s a Good Day to Die”
Michael Naas, “For the Name’s Sake”
Richard Velkley, “Prelude to First Philosophy: Seth Benardete on De Anima
Peter Warnek, “Teiresius in Athens: Socrates as Educator and the Kinship of Physis in Plato’s Meno