Latin/Greek Institute Courses

Seth Benardete’s Courses at the Latin/Greek Institute — 1978 to 1988

Seth Benardete taught beginning Greek and advanced (graduate-level) Greek and Latin at the Latin/Greek Institute’s intensive summer sessions from 1978 to 1988. All courses were team-taught.

For more information on these courses, see The Seth Benardete Papers Collection Guide (.pdf).

1978Basic Greek program
1979Basic Greek program
1980Basic Greek program
1981Basic Greek program
Advanced Greek: Sophocles
1982Plato: Phaedrus, Gorgias, Symposium
1983Advanced Latin: Latin Drama – Classical, Medieval, Renaissance
Advanced Greek: Aristophanes and Old Comedy
1986Tacitus, Annals
1987Homer, Odyssey
1988Horace, the Odes and Poetic Criticism

Source: Latin/Greek Institute